ProCalV5 Upgrade from 5.4 to

03 Oct
ProCalV5 from Prime Technologies has released the latest version of ProCalV5 version
The latest update includes newly added modules such as
Parts & Stock and SAP® ERP Integration!
  • New standard Equipment Stock reports
  • Improved ‘Find Record’ functionality for all screens
  • Allows for recording of master record items (i.e. instrument, test instrument, etc.) “usage”/”use” counts. Allows Frequencies to be defined for calibration based on “use” counts
  • Incorporate the Field Calibrator communication functions (Download, Upload and all other operations) into screens that are available from the main application.
  • Allows licensing functionality and presence of specific dynamic modules to control the availability of calibrator functions from the main application rather than a separate utility
  • ProCalV5 Professional and Enterprise will have the ability to Upload Logged data from a Fluke DPC.
  • Add an Instrument ID filtering button for the Available Instruments on the Loop screen for assignment of Loop components.

Please contact P J Bonner sales team to arrange your update or for more information.

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