DicksonONE Cloud Based Temperature Mapping System

DicksonOneDicksonONE is a cloud-based temperature mapping system that revolutionises the management of wireless monitoring systems across multiple facilities. Data can be transmitted from probes in geographically dispersed locations to a shared platform, where it can be collated, graphed and compared using any standard web browser or the DicksonOne app. This cuts out the labour-intensive process of manually gathering or downloading data from loggers.

The raw numbers

Scalability is the key feature of the platform, with the potential to communicate with literally thousands of probes in multiple locations. Couple this with the Dickson’s highly-regarded data-loggers, this convenient, secure and reliable program is the ideal monitoring solution for operations both large and small. The system can handle any number of loggers working in tandem, and you only need to pay in line with the scale of your operation.

How the temperature mapping works

The beauty of the system lies in its simplicity: all you need to do is connect a given data logger to the internet and you can receive up-to-the-minute updates on the area monitored. You can easily programme the system to give different levels of permission to team members, and owing to Amazon’s state-of-the-art secure servers, all data transmitted is only accessible by those with the necessary security clearance. To provide an extra layer of security, the program also has the additional feature of sending automated temperature reports directly to your email account

Peace of mind offered by the cloud

As anyone who’s been through an audit will attest, having a readily retrievable audit trail is essential for proving compliance. Luckily the DicksonOne package comes with unlimited cloud storage, meaning that crucial data is always accessible when it’s most needed. This also eliminates the stress of housing paper records, and ensures that crucial data is always at your finger-tips. At heart, DicksonOne illustrates the benefits of SaaS (Software as a Service): for a modest yearly subscription the user has access to the latest system updates, as well as on-going technical support when needed.

PJ Bonner: experts in specifying and implementing monitoring systems

While Dickson manufacture the software and hardware, it takes an experienced team with knowledge of the regulatory environment in Ireland to implement the right system effectively. Our team at PJ Bonner can provide our considerable expertise in deploying the data loggers to ensure that your set-up achieves maximal efficiency. We have a great deal of experience in outfitting Irish companies with the monitoring solutions they need to pass audits and remain compliant with prevailing regulations. We also provide on-going temperature mapping and calibration services, and pride ourselves on our ability to address any issues flagged by Dickson’s and other systems in a fast and efficient manner.

Get in contact and lets discuss the best approach for your requirements. We do also work with other suppliers too and the best solution will depend on with your needs. We look forward to you call.

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