Tektronics Temperature Mapping Systems


PJ Bonner has in-depth experience of deploying Tektronics wireless monitoring systems for industrial use. Tektronics provides a host of comprehensive wireless systems for temperature mapping and for monitoring;

  • Humidity
  • Temperature and air pressure
  • Energy monitoring
  • Gas leak detection
  • Flood detection
  • Liquid level of an area

Depending on the set-up you opt for, up to 120 wireless sensors can be deployed to monitor these parameters. In addition, wireless repeaters (signal boosters) can be implemented to create a mesh-like network, allowing the system to cater for facilities large and small and across multiple storeys where required.


The Midi Unit


With the ability to link to up to 19 sensors, the Tektronics Midi Station is ideal for any small-to-medium sized operation. It comes with all of the major functionality you would need to keep on top of daily operations, including:

  • Generating daily reports and
  • Raising an audible alarm to flag critical conditions immediately

The station comes with an integrated keypad and LCD display, allowing the user to programme settings e.g. for temperature mapping and take readings without connecting to a computer. However, doing so would fail to harness the full functionality of the unit; if it is connected to a PC using an ethernet cable or wireless modem, gathered data can be collated into graphs and reports in HTML and CSV (Excel) format using any standard web browser. In addition, the unit can also send out daily notifications and email reports. Crucially, these units are fully-customisable, and it is possible to programme them to output reports to prove compliance during an audit.

DataCenter Base Unit

DATAcentre-systemThe DataCenter base unit is the flagship product in the Tektronics wireless monitoring range. In addition to all of the functionality of the Midi unit, it can communicate with an array of up to 120 sensors. This makes it ideal for larger facilities, and eliminates the need to deploy numerous data-loggers and to manually collect information from each of them. This ensures minimal disruption caused by clutter in the workplace.



Wireless sensors

Wireless-SensorsTektronics supply a wide array of sensors measuring a number of different parameters. Depending on the needs of the client, PJ Bonner can deploy the required sensors in locations ideal for capturing important data in a facility. The internal probe is housed in a robust box unit, making the sensor suitable for the rigours of an industrial environment. It’s also able to do temperature mapping for temperatures ranging between -10 degrees and 40 degrees, when coupled with the external temperature probe.

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